Another Star on Ice

October 14, 2012


I recently shared on that our oldest daughter, Jordan, has started skating with Gliding Stars. The local program director called a few days ago & we started chatting about Karter. At almost 22 months old, Karter is one of the youngest skaters to ever join the Findlay chapter – but your eyes are not […]

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C’mon Ride the Train

October 8, 2012


Our ‘engine that can’ Jordan is doing great with her walker & welcomed the ‘little caboose’ Karter leaving therapy today! The ‘little caboose’ is making amazing progress on her feet too & had no trouble keeping up with her big sis! The duo traveled down the hallway, through the waiting room, & out the door to the […]

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Family Reunion (Dubbs 2012)

September 18, 2012


Since I was a little girl, I can remember getting excited for the Dubbs Family Reunion at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park in Tipton, PA.  As an adult, it has been a lot harder to coordinate.  The reunion always falls on a Sunday & starts at noon, so the big drive there & back has been prohibitive more years than […]

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Snapshot in Time: Karter

August 19, 2012


Spencer Bella – 9 Months!

July 28, 2012


Guess what today marks – 9 months of life for that giggly little squealing gal we know & love, Spencer Bella!!

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July 1, 2012


It has been so long since I posted, and so many things are different… so I’m taking a different approach.  Here’s a few facts about our life today. Today in July 1, 2012 We (Jordan and I) attended a new (to us) church for the second time today Jordan is potty trained (Mostly)  Spencer loves to clap […]

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6 Month (S)well Baby

May 2, 2012


You read it right; 6 months! Spencer turned 6 months old on Saturday & today was her well-baby appointment with our new pediatric group (we had to transition because of the move that I have yet to tell you about).  At today’s visit, Spencer weighed… 19 lbs 3 oz… earning a firm spot in the […]