Never Embrace What You Can Overcome: Meet Jordan

Born dead and without a fair chance at life, Jordan’s battle has been uphill since day 1. 

When we were told that our child would never walk, might never talk, wouldn’t hold a meaningful job and will never be able to live on her own, I saw 2 valid options.  (1) Embrace reality.  I could accept what I heard and start making adjustments to our lives that would enable us to provide the support that she will inevitably need.  (2) Fight back. I could learn what I can and do what I can to maximize her potential, hoping to help her find the right tools to kick CP in the a$$. 

We chose the latter path. 

We kicked therapy into high gear.  We hired full-time help.  I eventually quit my job to help focus on her development.  We “took down” those responsible for her birth injury.  (Okay, not really.  But, we did fight a 3 year long battle that ended with them providing Jordan with financial assistance to help her for the rest of her life.)  But all of that would amount to nothing without the fight and drive of our little miracle child. 

The only real hero here is Jordan.  She has more fight in her than any athlete I’ve ever known – and I’ve been fortunate to have competed with world class athletes and have called a few pro ballers my friends.  Jordan gets “it”.  She knows that she has control over her own destiny.  She knows that she has to work harder than other kids and still can’t do some of what comes natural to them.  She knows that she can’t stop working hard.  She knows that it might never be easy.  But she also knows that if she practices hard enough, she CAN eventually WALK! 

They say life is a journey.  When it comes to Jordan, “they” are right.  I don’t know where she’s going, but girl is on a mission!  If you’re not willing to help her get there, you best get out of her way.  She’s a fighter.  If you don’t believe me, you should see her when she can’t do something that she knows is within her abilities.  It won’t be without tears and temper, but she ain’t quitting.  She’s an inspiration.  She’s a blessing.  And yes, she’s my little girl.

Join me as I try to keep up with Jordan’s journey at

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