Dinner Talk

Posted on May 8, 2014


I was giving Spencer, Jordan’s youngest sister, a hard time at dinner tonight.  I grew up around sarcasm, and although I’ve learned to hold it back some, it’s still part of how I interact with my kids.  I should probably note that Spencer is 2, and although she’s a smarty pants, sarcasm isn’t really an appropriate way to communicate with her.  With that being said, I was being sarcastic toward Spencer.  And like she often does, Jordan stepped in and stood up for someone unable to stand up for herself. 

Jordan: “Mom, Spencer is special.  She isn’t ordinary.  So stop treating her like she is.”

Me:  “Jordan, what do you mean by that?  Why do you say that she is special?”

Jordan:  “She may be little, but there are a lot of amazing things that she can do, so stop treating her like she’s ordinary.”

And there you have it.  That little girl proves time and time again that she will stand up TO anyone, FOR anyone.  I’m so incredibly proud of her for that… even when I’m the pupil being schooled.

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