Gliding Stars of Findlay – the BIG ice show!

Posted on March 13, 2013


Gliding Stars - the BIG ice show!

When I think of my proudest Mommy moments, I realize that I have so many. I have been blessed with 3 little girls who at 4 (5 tomorrow), 2, and 1 years old have already given me countless reasons to be so very proud of them.

Jordan is the leader in that category. She’s had nearly 5 years to Wow me, and Wow me she does, nearly every day.

I am already preparing to wipe my proud eyes this Sunday, at the Rockin’ the USA Gliding Stars of Findlay Ice Show. Gliding Stars of Findlay is an adaptive ice skating program. The annual ice show is Sunday, March 17th at 2:30p at the Cube in Findlay, Ohio.

Jordan and Karter will both be skating in the show, along with 55 other special children from our community.

I am so proud of these kids for coming out each Sunday to practice for this big moment. Early in the season, Jordan tuckered out quickly, and Karter even had to leave the ice once. But these past few weeks, they’ve kicked it into high gear! Jordan has even began to propel herself (in her walker) around the ice! More than once I’ve watched her volunteers have to take off after her. And Karter, who for a period, cried every Sunday, excitedly gets ready to skate each week and smiles and waves at us (her biggest fans) throughout each practice.

Jordan and Karter will be welcoming a small fan club this weekend, but if you aren’t able to join the 1,000+ fans in the stands and don’t want to miss out on this exciting event, please message me soon! You may be able to watch the event LIVE over the internet!

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