2 more firsts – at the dentist

Posted on February 11, 2013


After a minor scheduling hiccup last week, the youngest girls both had their first dentist appointments today.  We went to a pediatric dentist (the same one that Jordan just went to), where the office is filled with nice people… and toys.

They had a blast in the waiting room.  Spencer showed off for a mom and her older son.  The pair giggled at Spencer and reminisced about a time when he and his younger sister were around the same age as the girls, while Spencer made silly faces and giggled at herself.  Karter played like a big girl – proudly discovering and demonstrating how the toys worked.

It’s almost too fun.  I worried about getting the girls to leave the waiting room, but they didn’t mind when they were told they could each bring a toy.

Karter was called first.  With hesitation, plenty of hesitation, she and T-Rex made their way to the back and sat in the chair.  She didn’t cry, but she also didn’t lay her head back or open her mouth much for the hygienist. We tried a handful of things, but even being like T-Rex didn’t entice her… or trick her.  She’d get a 2nd turn when the doctor made his way to her.

It was Spencer’s turn.  She sat in the chair in the neighboring bay, just like she saw her big sister, Karter, do.  I handed each girl a book before sitting down with Spencer.  She grabbed the book from me… and she grabbed the toothbrush from the hygienist.  She said the dreaded 4 letter word, “MINE!” and proceeded to brush her own teeth.  After a little trickery, the hygienist was able to work around Spencer’s teeth brushing to do her initial assessment.

The dentist stopped in with Spencer first.  He was pleased with what he saw!  His advice?  Keep up the good work!


She acts like a big girl but looks so tiny (AND CUTE!) in the child-size dental exam chair

Before I had a chance to leave Spencer, the dentist had made his way to the next bay to see Karter.  I couldn’t see her, but it seemed to be going well.  I asked the hygienist with Spencer to peak her head in, and she confirmed that it was going great!  Karter was doing exactly what was asked of her!  With no tears!!  I didn’t want to chance ruining a good thing, so I didn’t even go in with her.  When she was done, she hopped down out of the chair and headed off to the treasure chest, walking right past me, while I sat in awe.  The dentist came back to me to give me his perspective on Karter.  She has great teeth too!  The right teeth have all came in, they’re clean, and they’re next to perfect.  They’re crowded, so she’s a likely future candidate for… braces.  But he also said what every Mom longs to hear at the dentist… Keep up the good work!


Maybe next time we’ll get her a gold-plated grill to go with the bling she chose from the treasure chest this time.

I can hardly believe that we had 3 good reports for 3 good girls in such a short period of time.  Jordan’s first experiences with dentists seem like a bad dream that might not have actually happened.  This new normal, well, it feels so good!!