Sick day, schmick day

Posted on November 15, 2012


I am told that there is a lot of sickness going around our little town right now. So when the caller id showed “Van Buren Local” this morning, I was worried. And as suspected, it was that dreaded ‘come get your kid’ call. Jordan had already thrown up twice, & she was evidently freaking out, which I could hear in the background. She had told her teacher that she was sick & to call her Mom. We dropped what we were doing & left to pick her up. But by the time we got there, she was sitting quietly at a table & didn’t want to leave. We had to leave, but we didn’t have to go home. An hour later, she was still symptom-free. In fact, after the inital vomitting, she never had any other symptoms. We were at the mall looking for a new winter coat, when we came across a play area that we had never noticed before. Have I mentioned that my girls love coin operated rides? They do. But on a sick stomach, this might have been a very bad idea. So as it turns out, sometimes a sick day is best enjoyed when you aren’t sick afterall.


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