Another Star on Ice

Posted on October 14, 2012


I recently shared on that our oldest daughter, Jordan, has started skating with Gliding Stars. The local program director called a few days ago & we started chatting about Karter. At almost 22 months old, Karter is one of the youngest skaters to ever join the Findlay chapter – but your eyes are not deceiving you, Karter is now a Gliding Star too!


Karter was diagnosed with hypotonia (low tone) & receives traditional PT services weekly. Given the strides she has already made, she is expected to quickly overcome these physical challenges – & hopefully skating will help her advance even more quickly.

We asked Jordan how she felt about Karter ice skating with her, and if you know Jordan, you might have already guessed her response. “Mom, sometimes I have more fun when Karter does stuff with me.” And there you have, my little girls & self proclaimed best friends are continuing this incredible journey together.

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