Family Reunion (Dubbs 2012)

Posted on September 18, 2012


Since I was a little girl, I can remember getting excited for the Dubbs Family Reunion at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park in Tipton, PA.  As an adult, it has been a lot harder to coordinate.  The reunion always falls on a Sunday & starts at noon, so the big drive there & back has been prohibitive more years than not – but regardless, I get excited about the thought of going each & every year.  This year, I was determined to be there. Jared was in Morgantown for a bachelor party on Saturday, so I called my parents & asked them to meet me at a hotel in Altoona to help with the girls. The plan was to make the 7 hour drive on Saturday morning & get there early enough to enjoy some playtime in the hotel. My sister Sue & a family friend, Abby, were with my parents – and as luck would have it, Jared finished up in Morgantown early enough on Saturday to hitch a ride with that crew & join us for the reunion!

We had an absolute BLAST!!!!

It’s always wonderful to be among family & I LOVE my mama’s crew. I miss the times when I spent the day under the pavilion chatting with Aunt Bert & Aunt Weeze, but as my mom assured me, it’s my turn to be one of the ones who spends the day in kiddie land.

Fresh off of her trip to Hershey Park with my in-laws, Jordan was excited to be back at an amusement park & to get to share the riding experience with her little sister, Karter.  She was tall enough to ride most of the rides in the park, not just in kiddie land!  Her favorite ride was the Free Fall, and we rode it over and over.  I can’t remember the last time I swallowed my stomach or laughed so hard.  What a fun time!!

Karter LOVED riding too.  She would impatiently wait to get on the next ride, sit emotionless as she rode along, & then cry when it ended.  Until, she rode the hopping, fast fish ride!  Then she giggled & shrieked, & suddenly the other rides just weren’t very thrilling.

Spencer was happy to be out & about with the big girls & riding in the wagon with them made her look & feel like a big girl too.  But after a bit, she was even more happy to be under the pavilion getting smothered with the love & attention that she usually has to share with her 2 big sisters.

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I also want to quickly say thank-you to the folks at Delgrosso’s (should any of them happen upon this post, or should one of you be looking for a place to take your kids). Because of Jordan’s disability, it can be difficult to go & do things where people aren’t familiar with her & what she is able to do.  I was concerned about the ride attendants allowing her to ride certain things because she can’t walk to the ride by herself, which is sometimes a rule. I talked to a ride manager on the phone for what felt like an hour before our trip, & in addition to being professional & courteous, he put me at ease & promised me that she would have an amazing experience. He gave his word that she would be treated in a way that would make her want to come back, & that he would be waiting at the office if we needed his support. We didn’t need him. The park employees were absolutely wonderful & as promised, Jordan had an amazing experience. In fact, on the way home (& at least a dozen times since then), Jordan has asked to go back to “that park”. Delgrosso’s is such a wonderful family park, & we are already looking forward to next year’s family reunion!

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