Posted on July 1, 2012


It has been so long since I posted, and so many things are different… so I’m taking a different approach.  Here’s a few facts about our life today.

  • Today in July 1, 2012
  • We (Jordan and I) attended a new (to us) church for the second time today
  • Jordan is potty trained (Mostly) 
  • Spencer loves to clap
  • Karter is crawling like a big girl on her hands and knees
  • My parents visited over the weekend and helped me put up shelves in the garage and I should be parking in the garage soon
  • We are planning our first ever garage sale for Jul 14
  • I’m having gallbladder surgery on Fri, Jul 6 at 10a
  • Jared’s birthday is Sun, Jul 8
  • The girls are spending 2 weeks at my in-laws, and Jordan is SO excited – they leave Tues night
  • Karter started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago for strength and balance
  • Jordan tested as extremely allergic to cats, dogs, EGGS, and some trees
  • Karter is NOT allergic to anything, including dairy products
  • We should be closing on Red Fox this week
  • I got a Nikon D5100 for my birthday & started a photography class (distance learning) with NYIP (New York Institute of Photography)
  • I got a NEAT scanner for my birthday and it ROCKS
  • I joined a Ladies Golf League
  • I have reconnected with a friend from years ago that I didn’t even know that I was missing dearly 
  • Having Jared’s twin bro and his family nearby is as awesome as we had hoped it would be – and the gals love having cousin Karson to play with
  • The babies started going to a sitter’s during Jordan’s therapy
  • Spencer is sleeping through the night (as of about 4 days ago, but I think it’s for real)
  • A bad storm (Fri) damaged much of Findlay (and other areas stretching as far as DC), but our family and new home stayed safe
  • I am feeling… happy, thankful, and ready to keep going  

I know this format probably feels impersonal, and it is.  Hopefully going forward I won’t fall so far behind and can return to normal.  Have I said that before?  I think that’s for real this time too!

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