6 Month (S)well Baby

Posted on May 2, 2012


You read it right; 6 months! Spencer turned 6 months old on Saturday & today was her well-baby appointment with our new pediatric group (we had to transition because of the move that I have yet to tell you about). 

At today’s visit, Spencer weighed… 19 lbs 3 oz… earning a firm spot in the 95th percentile!  Her height and head were also on par for the 95th percentile.  He was happy to hear her babble and scream, pleased with her assisted sitting, enjoyed her attentiveness, and was overall happy with everything about Spencer… and he gave me a few tricks to try to help get our girl sleeping through the night.  His take is that she’s just too tired to sleep.  Spencer doesn’t get to nap much through the day time.  With the move, we are still getting things arranged… that means on days like today, we wake up and rush to an appointment with a new therapist, grab lunch at a drive thru, run in the door and scarf down lunch, hit the showers (or bath tub in this case) & head back out for her well-baby check (have I pee’d yet today? I don’t even know!).  Spencer is lucky to get 45 min of uninterrupted rest, but 20 min is typically much more likely.  As we work to become more established here in our new home, we’ll find our routine, and that will have to include a 2’ish hour nap in the morning and a 2’ish hour nap in the afternoon, and then, according to the doctor, we will sleep through the night.  Cheers to that!

And in case you’re wondering… we think we really really like him!   I like that little bit of unexpected frazzle (by which I mean CRAZY hair) with his otherwise well groomed and professional demeanor.  A big Thank You to my sis-in-law for recommending that pediatric group!

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for, Spencer at 6 months IN PICTURES!

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