Karter is ONE!

Posted on April 17, 2012


Karter’s birthday was Dec 30, and we celebrated on New Years Eve day.  So… this post is coming pretty late (like everything else on my current list of to-do’s).  Regardless, Karter had quite the gathering, and I’ve been excited to share!

Sadly, Karter was a little under the weather for her party, so the cheesy grin was tough to come by, but girl looked like a party regardless!

Karter is 'so big'

But too sick to smile too big

About the party: We had a family and close friend celebration at our house in North Canton.  Karter didn’t really have any strong likes at the time, so we didn’t use an actual theme.  We instead decorated the space, the cake, and her with bright girlie colors & fun animal prints! 

2 tiers of DQ ice cream cake

Guests included: both parents, 2 sisters, 2 aunts (representing Morgantown, WV & Findlay, OH), 1 uncle (Findlay, OH), 1 cousin (Findlay, OH) 4 grandparents (Prosperity, PA & Purgitsville, WV), 2 greatgrandparents (Purgitsville, WV), 4 friends (Findlay, OH & Romney, WV).  What a crew!  There were a lot of miles traveled to show this special little gal how special we all know she is! 

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Karter 1 year update (then and now): 

EAT: Karter is a great eater!  Sure, the cake took some warming up to, but that was her first sweet treat.  It’s not that I’m a totally uncool mom and don’t let her have the good stuff… nevermind, it is just that!  But girl loves her veggies and fruits and meats and noodles and… you get the picture.  Why spoil a good thing? 

SLEEP: What a great sleeper!  Karter enjoys playing, but when it’s time for bed, she won’t put up a fight.  She’ll help brush her teeth and help turn off the lights so that she can nestle in to her bed for a long night of sleep.  She started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks, and there’s been no looking back!  She still takes a daytime nap too, but come 6:30p, it’s off to bed for the real thing!

PLAY: I mentioned that Karter likes to play, and does she ever?!  She loves opening and closing doors, climbing into tight spaces, stacking and restacking coins, putting things into other things, small toys, big toys, cute toys, ugly toys, non-toys, and anything else she can get her hands on!  Her fine motor skills are also spot on!  She started using her pincher grasp a little on the early side, and she works those chubby little carrot stick fingers with ease…!

WALK: In terms of her gross motor skills, Karter is developing a bit slower than her peers.  Now 15 months, Karter isn’t walking and only likes pulling herself up to a standing position in the bathtub.  But if you are watching her development from a distance, I want to address your potential concerns.  She has now been seen by 2 separate neurologists, and both have declared her a bit big for her size and quite big headed.  No, those aren’t the medical terms, but what are you… a doctor?  Anyway, she IS developing, but on her own terms.  She is my daughter, afterall.

TALK: Karter mastered Mama really early, and that is still her preferred word.  I guess as she sees it, I’m usually either too far away, or in big trouble, or just need to know that she’s thinking of me.  Karter is speaking a lot more recently.  She has more than a handful of words and she does a little counting and a little ABC’ing.  She also signs a little… by a little I mean, she waves and signs “more” when she’s hungry. 

BAD HABITS: Karter puts everything on her head.  It’s cute in the bathtub when she makes letters stick to her forehead, like a funny toddler drinking game of sorts.  It’s not funny when it’s ravioli.  But for whatever reason, Karter wipes food in her hair at every meal.  She’s my little crusty Karter.

GOOD HABITS: She is Karter.  Karter has always been a little different in an endearing way.  She has rhythm that none of the rest of us do, she has an independence that we don’t understand, and she plays and lives her young life her own way.  She loves her family, sometimes smiles at strangers, and tells you goodbye when she wants you to leave.  She is totally unexpected and can’t be anticipated.  And that might be my favorite thing about Karter – she IS Karter.