Merry Christmas!

Posted on March 18, 2012


Christmas 2011 was special.  It was the 1st ever Christmas for both Karter & Spencer, and it was the first Christmas where Jordan compiled her list for Santa ALL by herself.  For Jared and I, this was our first Christmas with our completed family in what we thought would be our ‘forever’ home – talk about a milestone! 

Left to Right: Karter Kaye, Crystal (Mom), Jordan Rose, Spencer Bella, Jared (Dad)

Christmas is such a special time of year, but in 2011, we were especially blessed.  We stopped traveling for Christmas a couple of years ago, and this is the first Christmas that we didn’t have any special guests with us on Christmas morning.  In the past, Jordan has been overwhelmed by the amount of presents she has to open on Christmas, so we spoke with Santa and asked him to do his part in helping us keep our little girls humble.  Each girl received 6 gifts or less from Santa and us, and those were the only gifts under the tree on Christmas day.  So in a lot of ways, Christmas was very very different this year.  We LOVED it.  Santa pulled through for the girls.  He brought Jordan EXACTLY what she wanted!  And Karter was so happy with the wrapping paper, boxes and everybody’s presents – like a kid on Christmas!  And we were all just happy to have a 2 month old Spencer around for a little bit of added company. 

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Christmas & Family:

As I mentioned earlier, we were alone with our 5-person crew on Christmas.  Now that Jordan is older, she understands that Santa brings her presents to her house on Christmas morning, so it’s important to me that we be here to see what he brings!  If only we had a few extra days for Christmas though… 

We hope to be able to spend some time before or after Christmas with our extended families in future years.  Karter’s birthday makes that a little challenging, but we look forward to figuring something out.  Family and friends drove in for Karter’s 1st birthday party on New Years Eve.  But since the girls and I left right after the party for a 5-week camp in Canada, we felt badly that we weren’t able to open the Christmas gifts that arrived with the birthday party guests until FEBRUARY!  We are continuously grateful for the extreme kindness of our families & hope that they see this in all of us.  This mom is a stickler that birthday celebrations are about the birthday girl, so we’ll just need to find a way to get with family to celebrate Christmas at a time other than Karter’s birthday celebration.  I’ll tell you… this Christmas update in March has my wheels spinning!  Who says that Christmas can only be celebrated on Dec 25?  God is faithful 365 days a year!  Maybe we can pick another date to celebrate him with our extended families! TBD…!

In case you were wondering…

Jordan’s Christmas List: a Rockstar Jacket, a big kitchen like at school, & another train

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