Rockstar Jacket – CHECK!

Posted on December 23, 2011


This darn Rockstar Jacket has been haunting me for a month!  And now, we’re 2 days from Christmas, and Santa can finally check it off the list!  Since Nick Jr failed their loyal viewers by not offering a Rockstar Jacket, like the Fresh Beat Band boldly tells listeners to put on (again, a zillion times a day), Santa’s Helpers in the field have been left to come up with our own solutions. 

I give you, Jordan’s Rockstar Jacket!

Here’s what you need to know.  This DIY job was really outside of my ability-zone.  I didn’t own a sewing machine (until today).  I am not crafty.  I am the opposite of crafty.  My life is governed by spreadsheets and lists, not pipe cleaners and glitter.  [Yuck. Glitter. Is it ever really “cleaned up”?]  Also, they sell “patches” at JoAnn Fabric, and they are in the “notions” aisle [those directions would have probably been more meaningful if I knew what that word referred to], but the “patches” in the “notions” aisle are little denim pieces for torn jeans.  Dear JoAnn, rips in your jeans are trendy.  Rockstar Jackets are trendy.  Maybe you could use this space for a big star shaped patch to make an elf’s life easier!  But I have digressed.

I have surprised myself with this one! Here’s what I used to make Jordan’s Christmas wish come true!

Faux-motorcycle jacket from Kmart
Iron-ons from JoAnn Fabrics (for a little bling!)
Friendly Felt from JoAnn Fabric

Here’s what I did:

(1) Printed a star for the front and a star for the back on standard copy paper to use for templates. (Microsoft Office has a Star shape that worked great).

(2) Traced the stars on to the felt piece and cut them out.

(3) Pinned and sewed the stars to the jacket using straight stitches. (I only mention the stitch I used because I first tried a double zig zag for strength, and it was a big fail).

(4) Trimmed off the points of the stars. (This will keep them from sticking up).

(5) Iron-on’ed the iron-on stars for a little sparkle and bling. (I used a piece of thin cloth between the iron-on and the iron to keep the jacket from getting too hot and melting).

(6) Took a deep breath! I am so happy that my little gal’s Christmas wish will come true!

Dear Jordan, your Mama and Santa really really LOVE you. 


This post is 13 years early and is meant for the 16 year old Jordan who will slam her door and say words I hope she doesn’t mean when I won’t let her borrow the car to go out with some guy that isn’t quite good enough.  (I am refraining from calling him a punk, but you probably know that I want to).  Mama doesn’t have all of the answers and can’t give you the world, but she sure is trying.