Raising champs, it’s just what we do.

Posted on December 21, 2011


Jordan’s health challenges and celebrations have been a focus of my blog, my life really, since I can remember.  But when our family grew, we made way for new challenges and new opportunities for overcoming them.  Karter has been an easy child since day #1, but that’s not to say that she hasn’t given us a scare or 2.  My dad and I have joked that all children do, no matter how typical they are and no matter their health. 

There have been 3 primary reasons for fright with Miss Karter Kaye.  1. She has had an extremely blocked tear duct 2. Her head is big and has had a couple of growth spurts, resulting in 2 referrals to neurodevelopment (next appt, Feb 11) 3. She is in to EVERYTHING and the greater the choking hazard, the more determined she is to make it hers!

Today, Karter had surgery to open her tear ducts and address fright area #2.  The procedure went great, and Karter did AWESOME!  I know because my husband told me.  [I still prefer not to see these little gals with the life knocked out of them.  When I walked out of the NICU back in March of 2008, I prayed to never see my baby lifeless again – but, enough about me!  Back to KARTER, the cutie of the month!]  In preparation for today, we had to have blood work done last week.  Karter sat very still (what?!) and watched (what?! what?!) as the nurse pricked her finger and gathered the blood over and over again.  I was sick to my stomach.  Karter seemed intrigued.  Today, they used a mask to administer anesthesia before putting in her IV and beginning the procedure; hope she doesn’t get to disappointed when she wakes up and realizes what she missed!  I don’t know where these girls get their strength.  Okay, I do.  But I don’t know why He didn’t give a little more to their mama too. 


I had a friend in college “named” Champ – he was the type of friend who would help me with my computer science homework IF I went to Athletes in Action (Christian group) with him, and the type of guy who carried a Bible into the locker room and prayed before each game.  His name was never really Champ; it was/is Anthony; but his mama looked at him one early day and told him that he was a Champ, and the name stuck.  It seems that I know how his mama felt.  And like her, I am on the path of raising champions.  Not every child has the fight to overcome the many obstacles that they will face – but that fight is easy enough to see in the eyes of certain children. It’s nice to know that we can help foster the fight and that they can carry it into their adult lives.

Fast forward…

Today’s full report includes a little fussiness during that period of time when they were checking her vitals, getting in her ears, looking up her nose, etc.  But, in all fairness, who doesn’t feel a bit fussy when someone picks their nose for ’em? 

Karter is still in recovery, but she is doing great! 

Thank You for keeping these gals in your prayers and close at heart.  Whether you’ve met them personally or not, there is always power in your prayer. And if ever there was a family of 5 that could use that power from your prayer, well, it wasn’t by chance that you’ve stumbled on to my Rinker crew.