Rockstar Jacket – Solution in the Making!

Posted on December 19, 2011


K-mart Girl's <em>Metallic Faux</em>-<em>Motorcycle Jacket</em>

I was going to wait and post a picture of the finished jacket, but… with Christmas less than a week away, I thought it better to share my find!  No, I didn’t  find an actual Rockstar Jacket, but I didn’t find a jacket that can easily become one!  I bought this baby today at Kmart for $20!!  (I’d say that the quality is about in line with the price, so I wouldn’t expect that this jacket will be worn by your grandkids’ kids).  Beware, it’s Girls sizes, so if you’re looking for toddler sizes, this won’t help you.  I bought the 4-5, and the sleeves are going to be too long for my 3 year old, but it’s better than nothing!  Also, be warned that not every Kmart carries this jacket.  I had to travel 25 mi to get one!  However, you can order online from Kmart’s website.  It’s the route 66 metallic girls faux-motorcycle jacket.


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