Winter Wheeling

Posted on December 13, 2011


When Jordan got off the bus this afternoon, she asked “what can I do outside.”  Bad timing!  I had errands that I haven’t been able to get to, and the little girls were already dressed and ready to go.  But then something clicked inside of me – why shouldn’t we play outside when we can?  The bank will be open tomorrow.  The grocery will be open tomorrow.  And the hubby can grab formula on his way home from work.  So it was decided! Time to get a move on! 

So we’re clear.  Yes, I’m a hard-core mom who delays the introduction of all things sweet, doesn’t add salt, and goes to the ER when a kiddo coughs too loudly… but the motorcycle helmet was NOT my idea!  Jordan wanted to wear her pink helmet to match her pink bike.  If nothing else, it kept her head warm, right?

The itty bitty toboggan on Karter’s head WAS my idea 😉

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