Cutie of the Month: Karter

Posted on December 11, 2011



Karter will be 1 on Dec 30!  What a year for Miss Karter Kaye!

A year ago, I was scared of her.  I wasn’t sure that I could love anyone as much as I love her big sister, Jordan.  But Karter made it easy for me.  She was what was missing from this family, and it didn’t take me long to realize it.  Karter is an amazing little tot, who single handedly taught her mama how to love again.  And somehow, a year ago, that little newborn brought a little balance back into my life.  I had never been busier, but she helped me find comedy in circumstance and to learn to enjoy the whirlwind.  Our lives are busy with Jordan, Karter, and now a new newborn.  Between Jordan’s fast paced development, Karter’s ongoing growth, my pregnancy and Spencer’s birth, and not to mention closing out a 3 year long lawsuit, leaving corporate America and moving across town, it feels a little like we’ve kept Karter a bit to ourselves.  So…  here’s a little something to help you get to know her better – a 1 year old baby survey!

1 year old baby – parent survey

One. She’s almost one. Wow, still in shock. 

Does your child know her name more than 75% of the time? I think so? But, she’s got laser focus on every distraction (especially the television), so I’m lucky to get her attention 25% of the time!

 wave, clap, or point- Yes!  She waves hello and goodbye, claps when she hears the word “Yay”, claps for patty-cake, and points aimlessly just to watch her little finger move around.

say any words- “Mama”, “Dad-da”, she has said “Sissy”, and she’ll occassionally repeat something she’s just heard, like “sink”

understand simple directions- Yes, as long as they don’t include the word “no.”  She seems not to understand that particular word at all!  But, she’s a big help when I ask her to turn her light off or on!

“cruise” on furniture or walk- not really intersted in that sort of thing.

look for dropped objects- Yep.

have temper tantrums- Yes, but she is generally mild natured and easy to please.

have a high needs temperament? No. She’s quite the opposite.


Do you have concerns about your child diet? Not really.  She loves cereal and enjoys other solids.  She’s a bit of a natural when it comes to eating!

What kind of milk does your child drink? Soy based formula, but that will change next month when she moves to whole milk!

How many ounces of juice does your child get a day? None. I’m pretty anti-sugars (even natural sugars) for young kiddos.

Sippy cup, bottle, or regular cup? Bottle. We’ve tried a variety of cups, but they’re pretty confusing. Which end is up?

Feed self with fingers? Yep!


Do you brush your child’t teeth? Yes, but it often ends in tears – she doesn’t understand that the tooth brush is not a teether.

With water? Fluoride-free toothpaste, as was recommended by Jordan’s dentist.


Do you have concerns about your child’s sleep? Ha. Concerns? No.

Where does your child sleep? Her crib in her room.

Does your child sleep through the night? Yes, since week 7.  Wait, why is this question here?  Don’t all 1 year olds?  Oh, no!  SPENCER!!!!

How many naps does your child take? Until recently, 0.  Now, 1!!

Does your child snore? Heavy breather like the rest of the born Rinkers in this house.