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Our 1st Gingerbread House!

December 23, 2011


You read that right! No one in this family has ever made a gingerbread house before! Until tonight that is…!   Advertisements

Rockstar Jacket – CHECK!

December 23, 2011


This darn Rockstar Jacket has been haunting me for a month!  And now, we’re 2 days from Christmas, and Santa can finally check it off the list!  Since Nick Jr failed their loyal viewers by not offering a Rockstar Jacket, like the Fresh Beat Band boldly tells listeners to put on (again, a zillion times a day), Santa’s […]

Raising champs, it’s just what we do.

December 21, 2011


Jordan’s health challenges and celebrations have been a focus of my blog, my life really, since I can remember.  But when our family grew, we made way for new challenges and new opportunities for overcoming them.  Karter has been an easy child since day #1, but that’s not to say that she hasn’t given us […]

Rockstar Jacket – Solution in the Making!

December 19, 2011


I was going to wait and post a picture of the finished jacket, but… with Christmas less than a week away, I thought it better to share my find!  No, I didn’t  find an actual Rockstar Jacket, but I didn’t find a jacket that can easily become one!  I bought this baby today at Kmart […]

Winter Wheeling

December 13, 2011


When Jordan got off the bus this afternoon, she asked “what can I do outside.”  Bad timing!  I had errands that I haven’t been able to get to, and the little girls were already dressed and ready to go.  But then something clicked inside of me – why shouldn’t we play outside when we can?  […]

Herding cats

December 12, 2011


… or photographing kids.  Is there really any difference?  I have tried on 2 different occassions to take pictures for our Christmas cards.  Both were failed attempts.  I’ve given up on having three smiles, but I can’t even seem to get all of the heads going in one direction!  Just for fun, we had a […]

Rockstar Jacket

December 11, 2011


For the second time this week, Jordan told me tonight that she is getting a rockstar jacket for Christmas from Santa!  NO!!!  Nick JR is on my list, and I don’t mean Christmas list!  For those of you who are lucky enough not to know it, they have a show called “The Fresh Beat Band”.  […]