A ton has happened!

Posted on October 24, 2011


It has been a VERY long time.  I know that it has been a very long time because my husband, who doesn’t keep up with the blog, asked me over the weekend if I would mind doing an update.  Of course I don’t ‘mind’, but the truth is, so much has happened that I’m sort of at a loss as to where to begin.  So here’s my best attempt at offering up the abridged version of our lives over the past however long it’s been…

Wow, *that* girl.  Jordan continues to blow me away.  She does nothing half way.  When she loves, she loves hard.  When she fights, she fights hard.  When she cries, she cries hard.  And for anyone who has been with me since before Jared and I got married, you may recall hearing me say the same of him. 

There is always something new with Jordan.  Last Monday, her physical therapist reported that she had improved from an inability to cruise to cruising like it was no big deal.  For those who don’t live in a hospital, cruising is what kids do when they’re learning to walk and they hold on to the edges of a table or other object and then move their legs to get around it.  The prior Tuesday, her teachers told me that her tracing had improved to the point that they would guess she was doing a better job at it than 75% of her classmates; that’s a huge feat for someone with cerebral palsy who struggles with control in everything she does, especially since her class is comprised of typical and a-typical children from 3-5 years old.  Each of these achievements is a blessing that provides a renewal of hope.  As long as she is improving, you won’t convince this mama that she won’t walk, run, and speak with more pep and enthusiasm than those of us who take those activities for granted every day.

Speaking of cruising, we are finally moving forward with her power wheel chair!  It will be here on Thursday evening!!  We already have the handicap van and lift installed in the garage, so soon enough, you may catch a glimpse of that blonde haired cutie cruising by in her hot pink and black permobile!

First time seeing the new van


Wow, what an amazing baby girl!  Karter is everything that feels right about having a baby.  She laughs when I smile, she gives me sloppy kisses, she holds on to me when I carry her, and she throws me the cutest smile when she catches a glimpse of me from across the room.  But I’m not her favorite.  She loves her big sister so much more.  She waits anxiously for Jordan to get home from school, and once she does, Karter hates to be in a different room than her.  Karter has no interest in crawling, but she rolls toward Jordan just to be close.  There’s more to say about my lil peanut, but I’ll save it for her 10 month update this weekend.  My word.  Can you believe that she’ll be 10 months old this weekend??  Can you believe that she’ll be a big sister this weekend?? 

Jared, Crystal & Spencer

Mommy in Spencer’s [almost finished] Nursery at 38 weeks 2 days pregnant

We’ve been blessed with another manageable pregnancy and all signs point to another healthy girl.  We had an ultrasound this past Thursday, and with the measurements, they predicted her weight at that time to be 6 lbs 11 oz.  She is expected to gain a half a pound before her delivery on Friday, making her itty bitty in our eyes. 

There’s a lot left to do before we are ready for Spencer, but we’ll welcome her whenever God sees fit.  I have experienced some early signs of labor the past few days, and my heart is racing with fear and anticipation. 

We are still looking for help while I recover from my surgery.  I won’t be able to hold anything heavier than the 7-8 lb baby, which means the 25 lb baby and the 35 lb big girl are off limits to me for over 2 months.  If you have time and are willing to offer it, please let us know!!

In other news, Jared and I finally got our [other] house listed!  We’ve had good foot traffic and hope that we can get it sold quickly!  We also had an offer that’s not really worth mentioning.  But the good news is, there are still funny comedians out there! 

Our new house has quickly become our home.  The painters came last week to finish painting the basement, and the movers were here a couple of weeks back.  We still have some unpacking to do, but things are falling into place. 

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