Karter Kaye ~ 9 Months!

Posted on October 4, 2011


Karter Kaye turned 9 months old on Friday!  She is getting to be such a big gal and steals hearts everywhere she goes; remind you of anyone?  (No, I don’t mean me, silly!)

9 Fun facts about our favorite 9 month old:
(1) Karter weighs 25 lbs and measures 31″ in height, mantaining her place above the 100th percentile! (an over-achiever of course!)
(2) Karter’s 2 favorite foods are apples and prunes.
(3) Karter has 9 teeth!
(4) Karter caught her first virus and had diarrhea for 9 days straight! (okay, so that wasn’t fun)
(5) Karter attended her first birthday and fell in love… with balloons!!  (Happy b-day Logan D.!)
(6) When Karter gets in a funk, we can always cheer her up by showing her a picture of… HER!
(7) Karter is a smart gal and is already WAVING hello and goodbye!

(8) Karter’s room is finally complete! (or it will be once her bed skirt arrives; pictures coming soon!)
(9) Karter has a lot of spunk, and the doctor warned us “You got to keep your eyes on this one.”  She’s right!!  (see bonus photo below!)
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