Final Countdown… Sort of…

Posted on September 22, 2011


I had my 33/34 week appointment today; I’ll officially be 34 weeks tomorrow. Spencer continues to register good numbers, and with no swelling, contractions or cramping, things are on track for the delivery of a healthy baby… soon!

Dr. Kirven and I discussed dates and options. And as of this afternoon, we are officially on the schedule at Akron General for a 9:30a delivery on Friday, October 28th!! BUT… Dr. Kirven doesn’t work on Fridays, and the surgery is scheduled with a doctor that I’m not familiar with. Jared and I talked about it, and I’m going to call tomorrow and see if we can move the date to Tuesday, November 1. That is the first available date that Dr. Kirven could perform the c-section.

So… stay tuned! Spencer is going to join us soon, but the question is now, “when?”

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