Karter – 8 Months!

Posted on September 3, 2011


Karter turned 8 months old on Tuesday, unfortunately, she dreamed about being in a cat fight the night before…

8 Fun facts about this 8 month old…
(1) I *think* she can sit unassisted, if only her toes weren’t such a distraction!
(2) She is finally eating more baby food than formula – but the gal hates those organic apple and spinach puffs that mama keeps giving her!
(3) There are 2 things that I believe she loves more than anything else – Jordan and Water (the kind you splash, not the kind you drink).
(4) Her favorite show is Ni Hao – Kai Lan (according to Jordan). I feel a Chinese themed birthday party coming on!
(5) She is wearing 18 month clothing, and baby got back!
(6) She loves music!  Music makes her dance – or do a pelvic thrust anyway!
(7) She wears size 4 Pampers Cruisers. (Did I mention, baby got back?!)
(8) She loves to play!!
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