First Day = Success

Posted on August 29, 2011


Jordan can’t stop talking about her first day back to school.  Unfortunately, mama can’t keep up, but here’s what I can tell you…

– She wants to go back today, not wait for tomorrow, and stay there.
– Both of her teachers and all of her friends were there.  Except, Aidan, Tanner and Katie were not there (not a surprise since Aidan and Tanner both graduated on to kindergarden after last year).
– She, Grant and another friend built a tall tower, a small tower, steps and a wall using blocks.
– She and Ben read a book about a mouse together and then they had to pack their backpacks together so that they could go home to their houses.

Miss Brenda shared Jordan’s enthusiasm when I met them at the door this afternoon.  She said that today was a great day back for all of the kids and that it seems like the makings for a great school year!

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