Posted on June 27, 2011


Big Girl!

Jordan had her second Botox injection today; a procedure which can be common in CP patients but requires full sedation for the little ones.  Jared has kept me updated with pictures and text messages all morning – and I am pleased to share that Jordan is at Dairy Queen, about to eat her chocolate ice cream!

Jared said that Jordan was a real champ today; she never flinched or cried a single tear when they did her IV.  She went to sleep and woke up like a big girl, and when she was awake, she remembered the important words that I told her earlier in the morning.  “Daddy will take you to get whatever kind of ice cream you want if you do a good job.”  Jared said that when she woke up, she told him she wanted chocolate ice cream. 

WE are so proud of Jordan.  She has always been so strong, and her strength continues to grow every day.  I have cried more than she has today.  I hope to one day be as strong as this little girl; I have to kneel to see in her eyes but can’t help but look up to her.

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