Where Have I Been?

Posted on May 30, 2011


Wow, it’s been a while.  I can’t even begin to try to capture everything that we’ve missed! – Easter, Mother’s Day, our anniversary, my birthday, a trip to San Francisco and Yosemite with the girls, a new house, and so much more!

And this week, the chaos and fun continues!  Today is Memorial Day.  We spent the weekend with a special military man, Jared’s granddad, along with his grandmother, dad, mom, and sister.  We mostly took it easy, but made time for a small swap meet and Canton Bike Days too (finally a little sun!)

Today has been a day of rest as we prepare for what’s ahead.  Tomorrow, Jordan has school and 2 therapy sessions, and I likely will have several calls with Jordan’s trust lawyer in preparation for Wednesday.  My mom will be coming to help with the girls for the Wednesday and Thursday activities.  Wednesday, we have our first encounter with the probate court.  Thursday is Jordan’s last day of school and my ultrasound (Jordan is hoping for another little sister) and Friday is her end of year program and breakfast… and Jared just walked in the room to tell me that he forgot he’ll be traveling for work Thursday and Friday.  Come Friday, Jared’s brother, wife, and son will be in for a nice weekend visit from Indiana.

So as the closing date nears for the new house, I am hopeful that next week will offer time for packing and sifting through the ridiculous amount of stuff we have accumulated.  Garage sale plans are coming soon!  The new house has a heated salt pool which will be great for Jordan’s therapy (and my general health), so I am anxious to get things rolling on the move!!

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