~ Mothers Day ~

Posted on May 8, 2011


Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there.  And a very special Happy Mothers Day to the best of them all, my own, Beverly Rose.  I hope this Mothers Day has been special for you, Mom! – My mom is escorting the girls to my cousin Christopher’s graduation party after spending the last couple of days with them visiting at my her house.  Side note: Karter has now met 2 of 5 Great Grandparents!!

So what does this mama do when she’s babyless on Mothers Day?  We signed some papers for the new house, ate lunch with friends, and now that Jared has been called in to work, I am doing housework.  If you’re thinking that today doesn’t sound special, you may be right.  But maybe not.  I left out that I opened my present from Jordan early and have been googly-eyed over it ever since.  Jordan (with the help of the great folks at Lake Cable elementary) created a collage of her time at her new school, along with a few extra photos to go along.  And for Mothers Day, I am sharing it with you.

So if you’re now thinking that her first day may have been a hard one… you’re not alone!  Holy hair, right?!

First Visit to the Classroom. From this candid shot, it looks like we’re both a little unsure!

Phys Ed on Family Activity Day!  What a workout!

Barnyard Bingo!

And if you are still underwhelmed… were you maybe hoping for flowers? Got those too!!! Check out the one blossoming below!

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