News too good…

Posted on May 4, 2011


It’s late.  I’m tired.  There’s packing to do.  But I’ve got news too good not to share!

Karter had her first *and perhaps only* appointment with a neurologist this afternoon.  Although big heads run in the family, they can also be reason for concern.  We had an ultrasound a while back, and the results were promising.  But today’s appointment was just plain super!  The neurologist has zero concern about her, and developmentally, she is tracking on target.  After I told him that her Dad and my Dad have big heads, he noted my own oversized melon.  I never knew it, but my head is in the 80th+ percentile and is barely still measuring within the high range of normal!  The doctor was confident that her head size was a direct results of her big brained genes and nothing more.  In fact, he has no interest in seeing her back!  Wow!  I sure love doctors who don’t want to see us back!!

Tonight, I breathe a little easier and say a little prayer of thanks.  We need more appointments like this!

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