Keeping Up with the Hubers

Posted on April 29, 2011



So perhaps that title only makes sense if you’re my husband or Jenni Huber or perhaps a select other folks, but there is nothing more fitting.  Jared works with Jenni’s husband, Andy – and when Andy shared the news that they were pregnant with their first, Jared couldn’t help but boast about being their inspiration (after all, he had a lot to brag about with baby Jordan and did so often).  If my memory serves me right, Jared was also the self proclaimed inspiration for Andy Kummerer’s first off spring, among a few others…

It was around April Fools Day (earlier this month) when Jared brought home the 2nd and 3rd pregnancy tests, that would later confirm that we are having a 3rd baby!  Since the first test (weeks earlier) said “not pregnant”, part of me wondered if these tests were a product of a warped minded individual who was marketing some sort of always positive pregnancy test through Spencers or something! But part of me shrieked with excitement (after getting over the initial shock and disbelief)!

Jared and I were both giddy.  I said to him, “Do you know what’s funny?”  And he responded with, “that we make fun of the neighbors.” Ok, not where I was headed, but hilarious nonetheless!  I think they must have 7 kids now. Jared fell in to deep thought, enough so that I couldn’t help but stare at him to see how long it would notice.  And finally he said, “Is Jenni pregnant with their 3rd?”  And I knew where his mind had been – that little competitive bug in his belly is indeed trying to keep up with the Hubers!  So Jenni, to answer your question, although it wasn’t conscious, I would say that you can absolutely claim credit for inspiring our baby #3!!!

And kids, let this be a lesson to you, it only takes once! We’ve gotten the batting average to prove it!

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