Groovin’ to a Rhythm

Posted on April 19, 2011


Today is Day 3 of stay-at-home momhood, and the girls and I are finding our groove!  Our morning routine isn’t perfect, but it’s better than I had anticipated.  Once I get myself ready, I can run Jordan’s bath water around 7:30 and have her downstairs and dressed by 8:15’ish.  That gives me enough time to get Karter freshened up, and both girls fed, before we scramble out of the house around 8:55 (I already admitted it wasn’t perfect).  When Karter and I get home, we enjoy bath time together, eat a little more, and then settle in for her nap.  When Karter naps, it’s a great time for me to do laundry, put away dishes, and pick up a little around the house! Those tasks are sometimes impossible when Jordan is home, and the busy morning allow for flexible afternoons. I suppose I don’t really mean flexible. Yesterday, we had OT and PT from 3-5p in Akron. Today, we headed back for Speech at 130p and now have an appointment to see a house at 5p, so flexible was the wrong word – ‘manageable’ may be more appropriate…!  But so long as there is time to play and sing, we are still full of smiles!! 

Talking on her new phone from Granddad Buck and Grandma Sudie!

Tummy time is so much sweeter with a friend ❤


“Mama took me to Walmart and all I got was this silly hat.”

Guitar pick in hand and ready to rock the world!

Bath time!

Nap time!

Discovering time!
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