All good things…

Posted on February 23, 2011


… must come to an end…

I go back to work on Monday.  Today was my last Wednesday at home with the girls.  Tomorrow will be my last Thursday at home, and Friday is my FINAL day.  To say that this time has flown by would be an understatement.  These last few weeks have been such a gift.  I can honestly say that I know my daughters better than anyone else does.  Once I go back to work, that will change soon, but for now, it’s an awesome feeling.  I have shared many lunches and several therapy sessions with Jordan, and the timing worked out that I could be present and very attentive to the preschool transition process. 

Jordan will turn 3 on March 14.  On that day, she is no longer eligible for Help Me Grow benefits, including attending her current school program at Eastgate.  She will start preschool at the elementary school on her birthday.  I have mixed feelings.  I want to protect her and hold her tight.  At Eastgate, Jordan spent most of the time as 1 of 3 children with 4+ therapists in the room.  All of the kids had something to make them “different.”  Jordan was always, “just Jordan” to them.  Now, Jordan will be in a class of 15 kids, where more than half are typical.  She will have new challenges to overcome, but those challenges will make her stronger.  We didn’t have to put Jordan straight into preschool, but it feels right for her.  Jordan LOVES school, and she treasures her friends from schools.  AND, her school seems to be great!  I have had at least a half a dozen meetings with the teacher and therapists.  Tomorrow (as well as next Monday and Friday) we are going to have a playdate with the class so that Jordan can meet the kids and we can see what problems the room may present for her.  Hopefully it goes well.  The teachers, therapists, and psychologist are excited to have her.  They are blown away by her intellect and her drive, and they want her to be a role model to kids who may have difficulty focusing or are too care free and may have a little too much quit in them.  Of course that makes me proud, but it also makes me a little sad.  Jordan has never been a care free kid; her disability hasn’t allowed for that.  But, her focus and drive make her special – and for me, it makes her “just Jordan.”   

Karter is a special gal too.  She mostly sleeps through the night and prefers to do very little napping in the day time.  She always has love in her eyes, like Jordan did as a baby and still does today.  I look at these girls, and I know how blessed I am.   

Tonight, we are going to dinner as a family.  Not only do I go back to work on Monday, but Jared starts turn around.  Turn around means 13 hour days, 7 days a week, for 5 weeks straight. 

We are about to enter a very scary March.  But, we are ready for the challenges, and we are excited for what’s on the other side!!  Big things are coming for us!!

Speaking of coming, a fun post with pictures is coming this weekend!!  Karter Kaye is turning 2 months… sort of.  There is no Feb 30, so I’m not sure when her 2 month birthday actually is, but I know it’s coming!!!