Karter Kaye is 1 Month Old Today!!

Posted on January 31, 2011


It is hard to believe that a full month has passed already, but Karter Kaye is 1 month old today!!

We had a couple of special visitors here to help us celebrate – the girls’ great grandparents!!  Buck and Sudie came in town on Wednesday and spent the last 4 days sharing giggles, kisses, and love with 2 very happy little girls!

When Granddad Buck wasn’t beating the big kids in Monopoly, he spent lots of time hanging with his girls.  Jordan couldn’t control her laughter and may have met her match; he “cracks her up”!!!  The 2 bullied each other around the train track while arguing about whether or not he could call her “Mugs”.  By the way, after they left today, Jordan told me that she is not Jordan; her name is now Mugs.

Grandma Sudie thought watching twin boys was a handful until she spent the last 4 days changing diapers, feeding dinners, and loving on her great-grandbabies!!  She kept the girls clean, fed, and cuddled, and I know they’ll miss her loving arms now that she and Buck are on their way back to West Virginia.

What a great way for Karter to spend her one month birthday!!  Jared and I are enjoying the quiet time while the girls are both getting rested up after lots of fun…!

Want to see your picture on the blog?  Come visit!!!  The girls love visitors, and Jared and I do too!! ❤

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