~ Welcoming Karter Kaye ~

Posted on January 1, 2011


We welcomed Karter on the morning of Dec 30 as planned.  Jared, his brother Justin, and I headed to the hospital at 5:15 on Thursday morning, filled with anticipation, excitement, fear, joy, anxiety, and about every other emotion you could think of.  
39 wks 1 day, 12/30/10
Mommy is ready to head to the hospital!

Things went smoothly, until the walk into the hospital when Justin fell on the ice and bumped his head.

From there, things went smoothly, until 2 senior RNs and a anesthesiologist spent an hour and 25 minutes piercing my back for the spinal.

From there, things went PERFECTLY! 

Jordan gets in a last minute prediction that Karter will be so big!

Jared was beside the surgeon as he lifted our 9 lb 13 oz blessing from above into the world (impressing every doctor and RN in the room with her large and perfect proportions).

Daddy is ready to take his spot in the operating room with Mommy!

By the time I made it from the operating room to the recovery room, Karter was ready to enjoy her first 59 mL of goodness from the bottle that Daddy fed her (impressing the nurse who had never seen a baby eat a whole bottle at birth before). 

I was up walking without any help within 12 hours from the start of my surgery (impressing even myself, after it took 2 days to walk assisted after my first surgery).

We are happy to have been joined by friends and family, making Karter’s birth day a day that we will always remember with joy.


Karter is a big, healthy, beautiful, brown haired, blue eyed bundle of Baby Rinker.

Today is New Years Eve.  Jared and I look forward to ringing in the new year in our hospital room with the newest addition while Jordan parties it up back at the house with her Mima and Mipa!
Toasting 8p on New Years Eve with a couple special Rinker guests!
Daddy celebrating his special holiday delivery and the new year with his bro.
The party has already started back home in North Canton!

Karter is resting up for a wonderful 2011!
HAPPY NEW YEARS from our family to yours!  We toast you, our friends and family who have helped us overcome the lows and enjoy the highs of 2010: May the most memorable moments (and miracles) of 2010 shine in our hearts forever, as we make new memories in 2011!
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