Day 6, Day 5, Day 4, Day 3 to Go!

Posted on December 27, 2010


It is safe to say that I’ve fallen behind!  Yet another plan off course, but I will offer you a few excuses:

(1) Christmas was on Saturday!  Merry Christmas everyone!!
(2) We have a baby coming in 3 days!  Tick-Tick-Boom!!
(3) Our computer crashed!  Like a 2 year old driving a car for the first time!!

Here’s a quick update (I’ll offer more detail and pictures once I get the Christmas presents put away and the kitchen picked up and the hospital bag packed and the spare bed made and the bathroom cleaned and perhaps a quick nap in…)! 

Christmas Eve Highlights:
– Making cookies as a family!
– Wrapping presents with one special helper!
– My parents’ and sister, Sue’s surprise early arrival!

Christmas Day Highlights:
– Celebrating a special baby boy and our 2 special little girls!
– Homemade Christmas dinner with family… with lots of stuffing for Mama and mashed potatoes for Jordan!
– Toys from Santa!  Jordan received everything that she asked for (and everything she didn’t know that she needed)!  Even the train, which she didn’t say she wanted until after 9p on Christmas Eve!
– Speeding down the street at 5-6mph in a flashy pink convertible!

Merry Christmas all! 

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