Week 37.5 Update

Posted on December 19, 2010


We had the 37 week ultrasound on Friday, and there likely isn’t much surprise to the news.  Karter is BIG!  But between her mama and her big sis, that’s the trend with the gals in this family, so what else could we expect?  Jordan weighed in at 8 lb 13 oz when she was born at 40 weeks and 5 days; Mama weighed 9 lb when she was born at 39 weeks.  According to Friday’s +/- 1.5 lb (aka: less than accurate) ultrasound calculation, Karter is already 8 lb 14 oz!!  Her head measured at 42 weeks!  Now that is some massive brain potential!!  But hey, is that not also the trend with the gals in this family?

I’ll be back at the doctor tomorrow morning for a follow-up and will have yet another consultation with the surgeon on Tuesday, but one thing is for certain.  The “options” have depleted, and we WILL be having a c-section on or before Dec 30 at 7:30a.

Here are a couple of pictures from Friday’s session:

Karter seems to be keeping pretty cozy in these tight quarters.  There’s no sign of her trying to make any sort of escape!  Daddy says that with this cold Ohio weather, she must be using that big head of hers!

Yep, that picture is correctly labeled.  Her foot is indeed at her nose!  Where else is she suppose to put it?  She is one big gal, and she’s running out of room!!
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