Week 37 Update

Posted on December 16, 2010


We are in to week 37, which is a nice place to be.  I know, you never thought I’d say that, did you?  But, week 37 is a huge milestone.  Karter is now considered “full term,” even though the actual “due date” is three weeks away.  If I go into labor now, her lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb.

I only measured to 1cm on Monday, but I’m still hopeful that there could be some natural progress this time around.  We are going in for an ultrasound tomorrow at 4p to get a good gage of Karter’s size.  Our plan remains intact.  If she is large, we will most definitely repeat the c-section, but if she’s small to medium and things progress nicely prior to Dec 30, it’s on!  I am excited to see what the little girl looks like!  Based on early pictures, I’d say she’s likely to look like her Daddy. 

Tomorrow is also a big day for Jordan.  We’ll be touring her new preschool, which she’ll transition to in March.  She may even get to ride the bus!  And this is one little girl who LOVES public transportation, so *that* would be a dream come true! 

It will also be a big day for this mama.  I intend to pack the bag!  As of today, we are exactly 14 days (2 weeks) or less from delivery, so I expect that it’s probably time to start preparing, at least a little.

Things just got busy!  Next week is Christmas; no, we’re not done shopping or even decorating.  The following week, we welcome a new member to the family and ring in the New Year; no, we haven’t set things up at the house or packed our bags.  But, that doesn’t mean we’re not excited!  The next chapter of our lives is about to begin; sure we’re anxious and a bit frightened, but we were born to live this life and we are ready for the challenges, the tears, the laughter, and that irreplaceable feeling of becoming parents all over again.

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