Ready for a Vacation!

Posted on December 2, 2010


I just scheduled my final 2 1/2 days of vacation for 2010!  No, I won’t be able to head South to hit the beaches or visit my out of town family for the holidays, but I will have be able to finish any last minute Christmas shopping or wrapping, get the house cleaned up and ready for the new baby, knock out any necessary grocery shopping, pack my hospital bag and maybe even relax!!

When are these bless’ed days?  Dec 15, the afternoon of Dec 16, and Dec 17!  Which means… next week is my last five day work week in 2010!  In fact, if Karter comes on Dec 29, I am down to 13.5 total work days left this year!!  (My office is closed Dec 24, and Dec 27).

If Karter comes on the evening of Dec 17, as I hope she does, I would only have 8.5 total days of work left this year!!

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