35 Wk Appointment Update

Posted on December 1, 2010


Yesterday’s appointment was… good.  It was my first appointment that I didn’t have my regular doctor; but it was for a good reason, since she was delivering a baby.  I really liked the doctor I met with, which is good news since the reality with any practice is that it may or may not be your own doctor who is available when you need them most.

Baby Karter continues to do well.  Her heartbeat is strong and clear, and she has “assumed the position” since my last appointment.  She continues to measure on track for size and appears to be doing everything she needs to be doing to prepare herself for what lies ahead. 

I weighed in 1 pound under my last appointment 2 weeks ago.  There are three good reasons for no concern: (1) my weight had previously jumped up for my last 2 appointments (2) I wasn’t wearing jeans (3) I had a snack attack when I got home last night and weighed a pound heavier this morning!

We decided to hold on my strep test until my doctor is back next week; but this doctor did strongly recommend that I get a flu shot with the H1N1 vaccine.  So of course, I am already experiencing “flu like symptoms”.

Jordan was invited to a girls’ night decorating party at her nanny’s house last night, so Jared and I used the time to ensure that Santa got the right doll baby for Jordan for Christmas.  This was easy enough since the doll baby was in a store at the mall, and per Jordan, Santa lives at the mall.  (Give her a break, she’s 2!)

I can’t wait to see her face when she sees the presents that Santa brings her… especially the doll baby that she is so excited to bathe!

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