Thankful for 4 Day Weekends

Posted on November 28, 2010


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I know… I’m a couple of days late, but 4 day weekends are BUSY at our house!!  I never knew that until this weekend.  This is actually the first 4 day weekend that I can remember Jared, Jordan and I all being home together!!  And what a wonderful way to spend the holiday!!!
Jared and I were both able to wrap up work a little early on Wednesday and get an early start on celebrating the holiday.  This gave us the long over due chance to go Christmas shopping as a family!  And what a success!  We not only enjoyed quality time at the Food Court, but we also managed to buy for 2 people off of our list!  AND, we got the last ingredient for lady locks/cream horns/lady fingers/whatever you want to call the deliciousness that Jared and I love to cook up during the holidays!!  When we got home, we still had shopping on our minds… and we managed to finish up another 3 people off our list on-line!! 
Thursday morning, Daddy and Jordan watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while Mommy surprised Jordan with her favorite breakfast treat, biscuits and gravy! 
After breakfast, we started on the lady locks and chocolate chip cookies, finishing up just in time to make it to our Thanksgiving dinner at Perkins!! 
Jared and I enjoyed our turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and greenbeans, while Jordan mostly enjoyed her mashed potatoes and the pink crayon that the nice waitress brought her to color with; we were all pleased with the free dessert, free drinks, good food, AND walking away without any dishes to wash!!
When we got back home, we were all ready to relax and watch a little Thanksgiving day football.

Friday was a very big day; the day that I had been waiting for; the day we got our Christmas tree!  Since we moved to Ohio in 2007, we have been cutting our own tree down at the same small tree farm in Canton.  We set out to do the same yesterday.  We were all bundled up, yet still dreading the coldness we were about to face. 
When it happened, we passed a little tree shop on the side of the road with trees that were definitely worth the stop! 
 We quickly chose our 8′ Christmas tree and loaded it up on the roof of our SUV.  Jordan was super excited about “our tree” and none of us could wait to get it home and get it set up!
The moment we pulled in the driveway, Daddy unloaded the tree and he and his best helper got to work in the garage, trimming and setting it up. 

After Daddy got the tree trimmed and set up in the garage, Jordan inspected his work and we brought the tree inside for Jordan’s favorite part… LIGHTS!  Daddy strung his new LED lights on the tree before going outside to do the same on the house.

Jordan grew weary from all of the excitement, so Mommy hung the ornaments while Jordan napped.
And finally, the tree was complete!!
We declared Saturday our day of rest.  Daddy finished up his outdoor lights.  Mommy and Jordan finished most of the decorating indoors.  And we all enjoyed a couple of movies, warm baths, and relaxation that I hope will become a family tradition!
Tomorrow, Jared is off to the Browns game with Matt.  Jordan and I haven’t quite decided what we’ll be getting into, but one thing is for, we will treasure this 4 day weekend and plan to make the best of tomorrow, no matter what kind of excitement or relaxation it brings!
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