Anticipating the Beginning

Posted on November 24, 2010


I have started to think about Karter’s entrance into our world.  I have been thinking about what I want to tell her when we first meet, and how I want to introduce her to the big sister who already loves her and is so excited to teach her so much.  I’m thinking about who should hold her first, and who should get that first kiss.  And by the way, I already know the answer.  Those first moments are so important.  They must be filled with maximum love, and no one can love a little girl like her Daddy!  I know this first hand from my own father and see it every day when Jared looks at Jordan. 

Are you getting excited for those first moments too?

We welcome all of our friends and family to join us at the hospital!  That doesn’t mean that I’ll have stadium seating between my legs, but it doesn’t mean I won’t either… okay, so I won’t.  I believe that I was fairly adamant when Jordan was born that I didn’t want a bunch of people in the delivery room with us.  I am conservative, and that can distort my judgement at times.  I would claim that I was young and stupid, but I wasn’t that young, so I suppose we can just blame stupidity!  You, our friends and family are the ones that have stood beside us through our toughest times and place your hands on our shoulders when our knees are buckling; if you want to be with us on that special day in December, we want you to be there!

We are delivering at Akron General Medical Center in the New Life Center.  For anyone who visited Jordan at the Children’s Hospital, we’ll be right down the street!  Jared, Jordan and I will be touring the facility on Monday!  Jordan knows that when Karter is ready to come out, I will go the hospital and the doctors will help us get her out.  This could make for some cute conversations on Monday while we’re at the hospital admiring other babies!

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