Old Treasures for New Memories

Posted on November 16, 2010


I had a quick, yet super nice visit, from an old co-worker and friend this morning.  When I met Heather Gibbins, she was sporting her own baby bump, and Jared and I gave her Jordan’s bassinet and super cool zip-up winter car seat cover to use with her little girl (and any subsequent babies since we were presumably “done”).  Since then, Heather’s family has grown with the birth of a second baby!! 

When Heather heard I was pregnant, she immediately offered us the bassinet and cover back.  Baby Zac had outgrown the bassinet and pink just wasn’t his color.  Heather’s re-gift is such a gem to us!  These were two of our most favorite items with Jordan, and I’m sure they will be with Karter too.  Thank you Heather, Mama Hamilton, and Aunt Jen, who each gifted us these items at some point!!

I am really starting to get excited for the new memories that we’ll create with our old treasures.  Being surrounded by supportive friends and family has been and continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, and a true blessing at such a scary and exciting time!  Please continue to think of us, pray for us, and scold us when we’re out of line; with your help, we are becoming the parents and people that we want to be!

Next appointment is TODAY at 3:50p!  Can’t wait to hear a little heart beat and hear a good report!