Posted on November 12, 2010


No, I’m not having a baby today, but this is it – my final day in the office before the baby comes!! It’s 4p, and it still hasn’t really hit me yet. Today has been fairly normal. I had a busy morning of meetings, went to lunch (MEXICAN!!!!) with a few of my favorite co-workers, had a few afternoon meetings, and am now delaying the completion of the self-assesment portion of my 2010 year-end review. Today really isn’t different than any other Friday, except on Monday, I will commute 30 seconds to the basement home office instead of over an hour to the Cleveland ‘burbs!

I was suppose to find out something this morning about the promotion that I interviewed for, but I did not. I suppose no news may actually be news in this case. Am I sad? Eh. I’m disappointed, but not really that sad. There is far too much to be excited for to be sad about missed opportunities! I have a smart little 2 1/2 year old gal at home who scored at a 4 1/2 year old level in multiple cognitive areas. I have a healthy baby gal on the way. It’s FRIDAY! My watch and rings still fit. I have a husband that loves me, and I’ll always be my Mama’s baby. This list could go on, but I’ll stop it now before I find something that makes me so happy that I spend the rest of the evening bawling with gratitude (I’m an emotional girl, but I know my limits!)

To maintain the smile on my face, I think I will go home, gather up my family and go for a walk to enjoy what is likely one of the last beautiful days in Cleveland this year. Yay for sunshine on a Friday!!

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