Can this gurl wear curls?

Posted on November 10, 2010


I have been told that you should never make radical changes to your hair while pregnant because your mind gets irrational ideas about what might look good – yet, here I am, ready to go for “it”!! Yet, I can’t quite determine what “it” is!

I decided on my way to work today that I wanted hair extensions. I asked around and had someone recommended to me. I even looked online to determine that the glue-less hair extensions were right for me. Then I called Jared, who initially laughed and then gave me an unrealistic price limit.

My next thought, “I’ll show him!” When Jared and I met, I had a perm. It was intended to look like Meg Ryan in City of Angels, but didn’t. He swears he hated it, but the boy did develop a 6-year crush, so I might suggest that he, like his prego wife, doesn’t know what he wants! So, I’m thinking a perm!!

What I really want is long full layers like I had my senior year of high school, but I’m probably years from seeing the growth necessary to make that happen – so what’s the next best thing? Why, short curls of course!!
I tried to call my stylist, but when she didn’t answer her cell and I called what I thought was the salon number, some disgruntled man verbally attacked me and then apologized for thinking I was a creditor. (On a sidenote, my best friend from college’s husband thinks I’m a telemarketer and has also been a bit short with me on the phone before, so I’m sort of use to it).

And now I ask, can I pull off these locks without looking 80’s or worse or should I play it safe and return to the style of the gal in the upper right? I like me with short hair like hers, but that seems to take me so much further from where I’m trying to be…[sigh]. What do you think?

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