Posted on November 5, 2010


We met with Dr. Mark Davis at Paragon today. This was suppose to be our introduction meeting and consultation for the repeat C, and it started as just that… And then Dr. Davis asked, do you have any questions. OF COURSE I have questions!

We began discussing the options for the incision and ways to minimize my recovery… when he suggested what I thought was the impossible. It is his opinion that because I did not have a classic c-section (where they cut the skin and internal stuff in the same place and pattern), I am still a candidate for a natural V-birth. The risk is reduced for Karter, and my recovery should be faster if we proceed this route.

So here’s the plan…

The c-section is scheduled for Dec 29. We will have an ultrasound with Dr. Davis on Dec 17, which is during week 37. We should be able to gage the baby’s size at that time. If the baby is big, we will plan for the c-section on Dec 29. If the baby is small to average, we will plan to proceed “naturally”.

I think today’s news is good news, but I’m still digesting. I have found that I do not like to be surprised, even with good news, when it comes to pregnancy. But… I suppose that I will eventually accept that I can’t know or predict everything. Some things are out of my hands, and that’s where they belong. Send some prayers my way… the idea of this will take some getting use to…

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