Could tomorrow be the day that I’ve been waiting for?

Posted on November 4, 2010


Progress Report: Week 31, Day 4

  • We are about half way through week 31, and I still have ankles!!
  • Jared and I are meeting with the lead doctor performing my surgery tomorrow afternoon. My doctor said that she doesn’t know if he will give me the official date, or if I will have to wait until he and she have had a chance to discuss… but I may encourage him to make a decision on the spot! Doesn’t he want to get his holiday plans on the calendar?? I’m maybe thinking Dec 15 or 16 would be a nice target – even though my doctor alluded to the following week. If we do it on the 15 or 16, we should have no trouble being home and together as a family for Christmas, and I’m not sure that the following week offers me the same level of confidence. We’ll do whatever the doctor says is best for the baby, but I’ll still be inclined to suggest my own dates! Plus, Dec 15 already holds special meaning, so it’ll be easier for some folks to remember. What’s scary is that it’s only 6 weeks away!!
  • This is the next to last Thursday I’ll be in the office before the baby comes! Next Friday is my last day in the office before I start working from home! I can’t wait to not spend 2+ hours commuting every day – and neither can Karter!!
  • I am still craving pickles and bananas – but now we have to add the dreaded chocolate to the list!
  • This is my last weekend of being allowed to travel more than an hour, so I’m contemplating a trip to Washington, PA to visit the family and do a little Christmas shopping at the outlets!… just because I can!!
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