First Field Trip

Posted on October 29, 2010


This week has been a week of firsts for this mama-daughter duo. On Sunday evening, I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine, and Jordan and I made a blanket for her big girl bed! (I’ll share a picture soon!) On Tuesday, we made our first batch of cupcakes together. And today, we enjoyed our first field trip together at a pumpkin patch in Hartville, OH!

After picking out a gourd to bring home, we stopped for a quick picture. Picking gourds is a dirty job!!
Jordan couldn’t wait to join her friends Maddie and Casey on the hay ride! It may have been cold and windy, but we couldn’t stop smiling!

What would a pumpkin patch be without plenty of pumpkins????
Jordan squealed with excitement when she saw this hand made pink cart thingy – if it’s pink, it must have been intended for her!
Before going down the slide with her friends (her favorite moment when the teacher asked later), Jordan stopped to feed this hungry little fellow some corn that she found on the ground. And later, it was her turn to eat; the cupcakes we made earlier in the week were a hit with her and her friends!
By the time we got home, we were both whipped. Jordan took a short nap, and I had a doctor appointment. My doctor is super pleased with every aspect of things so far. My next appointment is Nov 5 at 4p and will be with the lead doctor performing my surgery. We should know “the date” soon after!! No matter when she joins our family, one thing is for sure. Karter will be the lucky little sister of one amazing gal.

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