Plans, Hopes, and Prayers

Posted on October 12, 2010


As expected, hoped , and prayed for, the appointment went well! The doctor complimented me on my slowed weight gain and said that 4 lbs in 4 weeks is all baby growth, and that’s what she likes to see. The blood work and glucose test results were all normal. And she was excited to see me wearing heals and to know that I was still wearing my rings (even though I forgot them yesterday).

She was probably most excited about the strength of the baby’s heart beat and the amount of kicks and movement causing interference with the Doppler. She said that this baby doesn’t give her anything to worry about, which is music to this mama’s ears! And she commented on the size of the baby and my belly and had to measure twice!!

The doctor wrote me an order not to commute to work after 32 weeks, so Nov 13 is my last approved day in the office… about 4 ½ more weeks! And the good news is that my management took up the battle with HR on my behalf, and I will be able to work from home for that 7 weeks!

Things are picking up pace now. I am now on the every 2 week appointment schedule, so we scheduled my next 2 appointments out for 10/28 and 11/16. On 11/5, we have our consultation with the Dr that will lead my c-section. My doctor won’t be at that appointment, but she said that she and he will discuss things afterwards and then I will very quickly know the date we are scheduling!! I couldn’t believe it!! I thought that we wouldn’t know that until mid-Dec when they (and the baby) decided it was time, but it seems that I’ll probably know at that 11/16 appointment if not before then! That makes things a little scary for me… as much as I like to plan… having a date makes things uncomfortably real!

She also told me that Jared and I need to go over and tour the labor and delivery ward of the hospital. They just redid it and she said it’s very nice. Each mom and baby get a room to share together after the delivery, so that will make it nice for any visitors who are able to make it to the hospital.

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