Less than 12 Weeks to GO!…

Posted on October 9, 2010


Tomorrow is the start of Week 28! Since we know that the doctor generally targets 39 weeks for a repeat c-section, we can guess that we are less than 12 weeks from welcoming Karter Kaye into our family!

Yep, I said 28 Weeks! If you were at Justin and Mel’s wedding in Dec of 2007, you may be recalling those memories to picture me at 28 Weeks pregnant.

Here’s a picture of me THEN and NOW. I know my stomach is pretty hidden in the THEN picture, but there aren’t many pictures of me pregnant to choose from. You can probably use the size of my cheeks as a good gage 🙂 or the fact that I am wearing the same watch in both pictures… and In the THEN picture, it is cutting deeply into my wrist. In the NOW, it rolls comfortably around my wrist.

As for the NOW, if you are worried about the paleness of my skin, the puffiness of my eyes, or the lack of smile on my face… please remember that I’ve had a horrible cold for the past 3 days but am otherwise doing ay-okay!

Yesterday, I did the 1-hour glucola test and had other routine bloodwork drawn. I expect to hear another good report at my appointment on Monday!
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