13 Weeks to Go

Posted on October 3, 2010


With 13 weeks to go, I am only 1 week away from entering the 3rd and final trimester! I am hoping that our lack of preparation for the holidays and the baby will make the next 12 or 13 weeks fly by!!

I am picking up pounds like they’re nothing and now dread the final weigh ins. I have reached the point of utter fatness, and the last couple of nights have been haunted by a sore back, swollen fingers, and multiple trips to the bathroom to pee. I suppose the “easy” days are behind me now.
But things aren’t all bad. Daddy, Jordan, and I are making the most of our final days of good weather before the Cleveland winter strikes. Yesterday, we went to the Akron Zoo to check out the animals and enjoy a ride on the merry go round. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for the majority of the day – by the time it started raining, we were on our way to the car and getting ready to head home.
Here are some pictures of a few of our favorite moments…

Daddy and Jordan never turn down a ride on a Merry Go Round! Jordan picked the biggest animal – the Mama Giraffe…

It’s hard to say who enjoys these rides more, Jordan or Daddy!

Jordan and the Snow Leopard were drawn to one another! The other kids would scare him away, but when he saw Jordan, he would come back!! Maybe he heard her yelling “Come back Kitty!” The crowd went “awwww” to see them posing together.

Jordan had a good time showing Daddy all of the different types of Jellies in the Jelly Exhibit!
Daddy and Mommy agree that we need more days like these – when we can just clown around like Daddy’s favorite little climbing rodent and Mommy’s favorite little monkey pal!!
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