BIG weekend for a BIG sister!

Posted on September 28, 2010


We had such a great weekend with Steve (Mipa) , Dee Dee (Mima), and Brittney (Aunt) Rinker this weekend! When we weren’t eating pizza or hanging out and chatting, the boys worked on re-wiring Jared’s bike a few times and killed the transmission in Steve’s new bike. They seemed to enjoy their man time working together in the garage!

The gals and I had our own big project for the weekend – finding a big girl bed for Jordan. It sounds like an easy task, and it would be – if big girl beds weren’t so hard to find!! After no less than a half dozen store visits, we finally found one! This is night 3 for Jordan!! But more on that once I have a chance to snap a picture of her in it!

Before we found Jordan’s big girl bed, we found a few other things! Our first purchase was the coolest bathtub ever for Baby Karter – a steal for $5.83 (afer tax) from Once Upon a Child! A few of my other favorites are below…

From Mima: Zebra print and pink! A girl’s dream!! Probably the most important thing to note is that I still have those zebra print pleather pants that I use to wear with that pink halter back in college. Ut oh, do I dare?

From Mima: It’s no secret that Jordan loves Minnie Mouse! What a perfect outfit for the girls to watch Disney in together!!

From Mama: These suits are too cute! The rhinestone Minnies will catch the light but could never out shine my 2 baby gals! I’m going to make them personalized shirts to wear underneath – and perhaps matching sweatbands at Aunt Brittney’s request!

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