BIG sisters need BIG girl beds!

Posted on September 28, 2010


As promised, a little more on Jordan and her big girl bed…

Saturday, Night 1 in the big girl bed:

Mima and Jordan picked out the perfect big girl bed for Jordan to transition to BEFORE Baby Karter arrives and there’s a struggle around who gets to sleep in the crib. (Jordan has demanded that the crib is hers and that Baby Karter will sleep in HER own bed in HER own room).

We packed the bed and mattress into the back of the car with our other finds and headed home. Mima and Mama rearranged the room to make room for Jordan’s new bed. And then we rearranged the room again. And then, we did it again. And again. And again. We finally settled on a workable layout and Aunt Brittney and Jordan joined us to assemble the bed. Jordan was a big help with tightening the screws! (Aunt Brittney was too!)

Jordan fell asleep at dinner, and I slipped her into her big girl bed when we got home for her first night’s sleep not in the crib. My hope is that she would wake up in the morning and feel proud and refreshed and the transition would be over just like that! Okay, so a girl can dream. But instead, Jordan and I both woke up to a thump and her tears in the middle of the night – twice. But both times, she wanted back in the bed, so the night was still a success!

Sunday, Night 2 in the big girl bed:

Having already blocked one side with the ottoman from her glider and having protected her fall with a comforter on the other side, I was eager and optimistic that night 2 would be better. But alas, *thump*. She fell out of bed before I even got in my bed! And then again later in the night. But each time she fell out, she cried out “I need help; I want in.” So the game was still on!

Monday, Night 3 in the big girl bed:

Mama and Jordan have both been tired! The last couple of nights had been hard on us both. Jordan has been waking up on the floor a couple of times each night, and I have been keeping one ear open to listen for the thump so that I could run to her rescue.

Around 8p last night, when we were starting to wind down for the night, I convinced Jared that we NEEDED bigger bed rails and it could not wait another day. Within 30 minutes, he was back with the rails, and Jordan was eager to help tighten the screws to “fix” her bed.

It worked!! Jordan and I both had a great night’s sleep! I peaked in on her and snapped a quick picture of our big girl in her new big girl bed!

Thanks again to Mima and Aunt Brittney for the wonderful gift and the hard work getting things set up in the girls’ room!

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